Tuesday, October 21, 2014

C4K October Summary

Week 1: Braxton from Mobile, AL - Braxton wrote a blog post about parasites in the human body. He said that there are many parasites in your body, but they rarely get into your bloodstream. He went on to discuss the different parts, types, movements, and sicknesses caused by parasites. Braxton seemed to be very informed on this subject, and in my comment I told him that! I learned a lot from his post - even that cilia caused brain damage most often. He replied to my comment and told me he is a huge fan of South Alabama and was excited that he was able to teach a college student something new.

Week 2: Destiny from Connecticut - Destiny is in the 5th grade and I was able to comment on her first blog post ever. She said that she was really excited to have a class blog and thought it was going to be fun. I told her that it was great she was so excited, and that it would be a good way to communicate with her classmates and talk about what they are learning.

Week 3: Madison from New Orleans, LA - In this post, Madison explains how to be a good babysitter. There are five different paragraphs where she mentioned several tips on safety, basic infant care, and fun things you can do with a baby. I related a lot to this post because I started babysitting when I was younger, and I still do occasionally. In my comment I mentioned that, and also that she sounds like a very well-informed and responsible babysitter. She really was pretty thorough with her tips, especially when it came to safety.

Week 4: Taunese from New Zealand This post was written by a 5th grader and gave advice on how to stay safe in the sun. Taunese said that people should wear hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. She told why each item was necessary. I told Taunese that in southern Alabama, we deal with heat and the sun on a regular basis, and she was absolutely right about needing to wear sunblock, hats, and sunglasses in order to protect your skin and avoid bad consequences.

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