Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blog Post #4

Asking Questions

      When asking questions in a classroom, it is good to ask open-ended things. Yes or no questions do not require much thought and don't allow for any discussion. According to Ben Johnson in this article, a lot of children get overlooked because they feel like they are dumb and do not care. When teachers ask questions in a way that doesn't involve thinking, or if a teacher calls on the same group of students every time, the other kids feel relieved that they weren't
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chosen, but don't get a chance to learn much. A good way to ask questions in class is to pose an open-ended question before calling on a student. By doing this, everyone in the class has to think of an answer just in case they get called on.
In another article, I learned that "leading questions" should be avoided because they assume that there is only one right answer. Students should realize that in a lot of situations, there can be several right answers, or not completely right answer at all. In addition, while planning for each class, take time to plan for each question that you want to ask and at what times.

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