Saturday, September 27, 2014

C4K September Summary

The first blog I was assigned to belongs to Kevine. He is in 7th grade at Pt England School in New Zealand. Kevine's blog was really fun, and he seems like a really good kid! In the post I commented on, Kevine wrote about how excited he was for his cross-country meet the next day. He said that he and his team had been practicing all term for it. The comment I left still has not been approved by the moderator. I told him that I was really excited for him and that I hoped he did well, though!

My second assigned blog was for a student in Ontario named Ekisha. She is in 5th grade. Her post was about International Dot Day and the art project she did for it. Her project was a t-shirt that she let everyone in her class sign. They also had other Dot Day activities throughout the day. I actually thought this was really cool because we also had a Dot Day project in Dr. Vitulli's art class. In my comment I told her that I also celebrated Dot Day and told her about what we did. She even responded and asked more about my project.

The last blog I commented on was Ben's blog. He goes to school in Connecticut and is 10 years old. His only post so far just had a few facts about him. I learned that he loves to travel and is visiting Japan next year! I told him that I also loved to travel and was incredibly jealous he was going to Japan. I'm sure that will be a really awesome experience for him!

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