Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blog Post #5

Personal Learning Networks

After reading through this document by Dr. Strange, I learned that Personal Learning Networks (PLN) are the people you can contact to help you professionally or within your interests, as well as other resources and activities that you use to learn. The people or activities in your PLN can be anywhere in the world, and you could personally know the people, or they may be from the internet.
photo of people talking to each other
As a teacher, having a good PLN could be helpful because I could share and discuss ideas and strategies with other teachers or even parents. In addition to that, I could also ask questions and get feedback from people that may have more experience and expertise in certain areas than I have. I think the best way to form a PLN is to put yourself out there. It's good to try to make friends in our education classes because that's where you begin associating with teachers (or future teachers). Another good place to network is probably the schools that you observe and intern at. This is where you're meeting real teachers and administrators that could possibly hire you one day. Lastly, the internet is a great way to meet new people. For example, the teacher blogs that we post on for this class could be really helpful, and if you ever wanted more information on a certain post you could easily get in touch with the author and get more insight on the topic.


  1. Laura, I agree! I think that PLNs are a great way to find new teaching strategies. I plan on using this in order to find new ways to help tutor my student for EDU 330. Since I have never tutored for reading it will be a great learning experience for me as well as my student. I also like how you mentioned networking at the school where you are observing. It is important to be professional and get to know the teachers and administration around you.

  2. Hi Laura! Great blog on PLNs. I really like how you pointed out making friends with future teachers in your education classes to help build your personal learning network!