Thursday, November 20, 2014

C4K November Summary

For the first week of November, I was assigned Ekisha. She lives in Canada and wrote a post titled "Start Thinking About Others". She discussed that being from Canada, she has a lot of rights, but many people around the world do not even have basic rights such as food, water, or schooling. She proposed that we work together to help the people who are not as fortunate as us. In my comment, I told her her I think it’s really awesome that she's learning about her rights and other people’s rights, and that it's great she realizes that some children don’t have it as well off as we do in free countries! I included that she may one day be able to work with an organization that helps needy children.

My next assignment, Lauren's blog on Printmaking was written about how to create prints using a linoleum block. Lauren wrote about the steps she took, and about how difficult hers was because she had to do everything backwards in order for it to print the right way. I told Lauren that printmaking was actually exactly what we had done in my college art class that week. I went on to say that she took on a huge challenge by recreating a logo and that it had turned out great - it really did look good!

My last C4K assignment for the semester was to Madeline. It appears her assignment was to create a post using her vocabulary words. It is titled "1st Quarter Reflection". She wrote about how she had improved in reading and writing this quarter because at the beginning they were not her "forte," but now she is beginning to enjoy doing them both. In my comment, I said that when I was her age I was not very interested in writing either, but that if she continues to work on it she will enjoy it even more.

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  1. Laura, the three interesting students that you have are all learning new things. I will miss visiting these sites. I have actually learned some useful information from these kids blogs. I do believe our comments are just as uplifting to these students as their blogs are to us. The comments of your experience with what one of the students was doing, I'm sure made her day. Happy Thanksgiving!